Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Morning Knit Wit ~ Slip Stitch Cables

Welcome to week two of Sunday Morning Knit Wit!

And I couldn't be more excited about the featured stitch this week ~ Slip Stitch Cables.  As this is a new stitch for me as well, I couldn't believe how easy it is.  I've already made a full length scarf (in an oh so soft baby alpaca) and a scarflette (in a wool, alpaca, camel blend).   You can be sure to see this stitch pop up in future patterns.

The cable is worked over 3 stitches, typically with purl stitches before and after, which will help the cables stand out.
Row 1: S1 purlwise, K2
Row 2: P2, S1 purlwise
Row 3: C3L
Row 4: P

Repeat these 4 rows

S: Slip stitch from left hand needle to right hand needle with yarn in front as if to purl
C3L: Slip one stitch on cable needle and hold in front of work. K1 in back of stitch, P1, then K1 in back of stitch from cable needle.

And if you want to try an easy scarflette pattern using Slip Stitch Cables - check out this pattern available on etsy for just $4.50.

Or if your interested in purchasing a finished scarf or scarflette I currently have these two available. 

Next Week:  Pearl Cables ~  until then, Stay Warm and keep those knitting needles clicking!

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