Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Morning Knit Wit ~ Open Weave Panel

Good Morning Knit Wit followers.  As I sip my second cup of coffee this morning watching the sunrise, I am dreaming of the days when I can bring my knitting outside and listen to the birds sing to me as I knit.  But I find myself next to the wood stove yet again.  Although spring has come, Central NY has not yet noticed.

Today's stitch is an Open Weave Panel lace, which is very easy and is worked by repeating only 4 rows, so it is easy to memorize. 

I used this stitch in a pair of fingerless gloves

Here is how to work the stitch:

Row 1: (right side) P2, Sl 1, K1, PSSO, YF, K3, YF, K2Tog, P2
Row 2: K2, P7, K2
Row 3: P2, K2, YF, Sl 1, K2Tog, PSSO, YF, K2, P2
Row 4: same as Row 2

Repeat these 4 rows

Try a panel for yourself and see how easy it is.  I found that there was a fun rhythym going on with the needles as I worked this stitch.

I have visions of making some really cool window treatments with this  stitch, but sometimes I get a bit over-enthusastic!  We will see if it ever happens.

Next week is Easter, so I will be taking the day off from posting knitting patterns.  But don't forget to come back April 11th!  I have three fun mixed up stitches lined up for April. 

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ens! Although I have NO clue how to make them! :O)